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We’re a team that has spent the last 10 years working within the fitness industry and more recently building a community that shares our excitement and enthusiasm when it comes to training. We believe in providing the highest quality service to help individuals achieve their goals by implementing challenging and interesting training protocols that test you all. We are committed to helping every one of our amazing clients achieve their goals and get in the best shape of their life, as well as share the same rewards we do as coaches in the process. We don’t believe in creating some fancy  workout that puts you through your paces once every week but doesn’t offer the results that you want or need!

We at the catalyst team believe that fitness is about a lot more than just a fancy workout, and the systems we have in place put us head and shoulders above the rest. As coaches we believe in staying at the  forefront of current research and development methods being employed within the industry and we pride ourselves on implementing these methods into our own training methodology’s and practicing what we preach. All we ask for from everyone we work with, is to 100% commit themselves to the programme and achieve the results they never thought were possible.


Our Systems

Strength and conditioning methods come in all shapes and sizes and we believe our blueprint is the most exciting way of harnessing the components of fitness and adopting them into our training systems.

Strength, and particularly earning the right to move, is one of the largest facets of our training style because of the relationship and impact it has on so many other components such as power, speed & endurance. This element alone allows us to develop individuals and improve their overall performance across a wide range of components.


Our training styles test everyone and push them out of their comfort zone by keeping the stimulus exciting along with the challenges of different exercise variations to push you to the limit.


Our Promise to You

The core of our system is built with you in mind and we will do everything we can as coaches to re-ignite your passion for training.


We will go above and beyond to ensure the very best in programming and support is there to guide you to bring out the best version of yourself through different strength and conditioning methods!

Our Passion