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Are you looking for a new challenge that will improve your life?

Welcome to the Catalyst Project, we have designed our training systems that separate us from the rest of the industry and take your training to the next level! Combining elements of strength, fitness and earning the right to move, through consistently showing good movement patterns, will allow you to unlock the true potential of your body.

We challenge the way your body moves and push the boundaries of strength and conditioning across a variety of modalities that will serve your body in years to come. 

By maximising your training time and developing all the components of fitness we have created a system the injects excitement back into your training routine and prepares your body for any given task.



Movement patterns


Expert Coaching 

Catered for all
individuals needs

Master your bodies ability to perform




Dean's energy is infectious and energising, I cannot recommend his training methods highly enough.

I came to Dean, after a fitness hiatus, feeling nervous that a lack of fitness would hold me back and sceptical that I’d see real results when previous diets and exercise regimes had never been successful.  Dean crafted a programme that I found to be both technically challenging and interesting.  The many sessions we have had together, the results are my body is much stronger, posture is greatly improved and the dietary advice is working.


Dean throughout our sessions is one hundred percent focused, never fails to motivate and inspire myself to attain new goals, with his extensive training knowledge & “can-do” attitude.

It's been fantastic to get some one on one support from the guys at the Catalyst Project. They have really helped me meet my fitness goals.

As someone who's always had a fairly good level of fitness it's been fantastic to get some one on one support from the guys at the Catalyst Project. They have really helped me meet my fitness goals.


I am currently in the process of joining the Military and so their own military experience and backgrounds have really helped to motivate me and get me to where I need to be. I would highly recommend the Catalyst Project - thanks for everything you've done!

The Catalyst Project was recommended
to me and was the answer I’d been looking for. 

Dean from the Catalyst team discussed my goals with me and built a personalised sustainable training plan that could fit into my busy life.  This was the key to getting results better than I ever hoped for.

The training is first class and Deans knowledge is impressive - he doesn’t just tell you what to do, he helps you understand why it works too.  Which helps you maintain your enthusiasm. Coupled with the accountability of completing set exercise objectives, this really keeps you motivated.

I love working with The Catalyst Project and cannot recommend them highly enough.